community habilitation

community habilitation
Holding hands, every step of the way.

HCS´s dedicated Com-Hab specialists work one-on-one with individuals in their own homes or areas in their communities to help them develop new skills that enable them to realize their potential and properly integrate into their community.

Whether it´s social skills, self-care, hygiene, and general well-being, HCS´s specialists create individually tailored goals to enhance and improve the individual´s quality of life.

The HCS staff works tirelessly to keep individuals engaged and involved by coordinating special activities, classes, outings and events that greatly enrich their day-to-day life.

These services provide an incredible relief for the individual´s family, as their loved one is constantly engaged in productive activities and progressing towards real and actionable goals in their own self-improvement.
There´s life before Community Habilitation, and there´s life after Community Habilitation. After experiencing HCS´s extraordinary care and support firsthand, I can´t imagine life before HCS."