Special Needs Williamsburg

Special Needs Williamsburg

As you navigate the world as a special needs parent, the large volumes of information can overwhelm you. It's difficult even to figure out where to place your child for school! Let us take the stress out of those decisions. The team at HCS has over fifteen years in the business of helping families with special needs in Williamsburg.

Programs for the special needs population

The types of classes and programs one participates in depends on their specific disability. Not all persons with special needs require the same level or type of services. Some of the programs offered by special needs centers are as follows:

  • Day programs - these programs provide patients a place to go during the day when their families are at work.
  • Residential programs - for individuals who need 24/7 care that they aren't able to get at home, they move into a facility with other patients.
  • Behavior management programs - these programs help patients manage triggers and avoid situations that trigger outbursts. When they can't leave those situations, the patient learns coping skills to aid them with their response.
  • Life skills training programs - for individuals who function on this level, they receive assistance with such things as cooking, hygiene, doing laundry, basic math, etc.
  • Modification services - for those who need modifications to their home or help getting a hearing aid or other modification devices, special needs agencies help them access those.
  • Employment services - for individuals who are high functioning and can maintain employment, these services help them find a job that matches their skill set.
  • Rent assistance programs - for individuals who are high functioning and can live alone, these programs help them with rent.

What are the types of special needs?

Special needs fall into four primary categories. Those categories are as follows:

  • The physical disabilities-this group includes epilepsy, missing limbs, chronic asthma, or MS
  • Developmental disabilities- this group includes disorders such as autism, dyslexia, down syndrome, and processing disorders
  • Behavioral/emotional disabilities- this group covers disorders such as ADHD, bipolar, oppositional defiance disorder, and other psychological issues
  • Sensory disabilities- this category includes people who are blind, deaf, or anyone limited in those areas

Quality programs for the special needs population encompass a wide range of needs. Members of that population can have more than one area of need. Our center for special needs in Williamsburg covers all these categories.

What benefits are there to using special needs services?

The phrase 'special needs' covers a massive amount of disabilities. Ergo, there are also many services offered to this population. It is essential for individuals who fall under this banner to receive all the services they qualify for. Not having access to or not knowing what services they are eligible for can impact their quality of life.

Students with behavioral disorders need to know they qualify for test accommodations. Individuals with developmental disorders need to know there is help for them in employment services. At the same time, those with physical disabilities need their living spaces to match their physical abilities.

Don't wait any longer! Contact HCS today for a consultation. As a top agency for special needs in Williamsburg, we can help you determine what programs and services fit your needs.

Special Needs Williamsburg
Special Needs Williamsburg
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