Special Needs Monsey

Special Needs Monsey

HCS is a center for special needs in Monsey with experienced staff, evidence-based treatment programs and amenities. We provide comprehensive training programs to manage your child's challenging behavior with our team of highly compassionate behavior specialists.

How can I discipline my child with special needs?

When you want to discipline your child, do not resort to punishing your child right away. Instead, communicate your expectations in a loving manner and help them understand boundaries in a nurturing way. Regardless of your child's special needs, you must educate your child on what's acceptable and what's not. The good news is that kids with special needs do exceptionally well at discipline training and following structure. However, this may not be possible without consistency on parents' part.

Kids regardless of their special needs, expect consistency to feel safe and be aware. Make sure to establish standards with morning routines, dinnertime protocols, hospitality to guests, etc. so that your kids know what is right and what is not. Make sure you learn all the details of your child's condition, the challenges of the condition, medical requirements, etc. This will help you understand why your child behaves a certain way. This way, you can know if your child's behavior is typical or something related to his disability.

Some children with developmental problems may not be able to take care of themselves. Your efforts to discipline such a child to be independent may not work that well. At our treatment center for special needs in Monsey, we educate parents on the typical behavior and health challenges specific to your child's age. This will help you set realistic discipline standards.

Signs of learning disability in an individual

As much as 10% of children in America under the age of 18 suffer from a learning disability. If you find the following symptoms in your loved one, he/she may have a learning disability:

  • Lack of interest in learning, reading or writing
  • Difficulty in memorizing things
  • Working slowly
  • Trouble in the following directions
  • Poor focus and concentration
  • Inability to understand abstract ideas
  • Poor social skills, etc.

Talk to a doctor about the above signs in your loved one to help you with a proper diagnosis. A developmental psychologist or an occupational therapist may be the right person to help your loved one from their learning disability.

How can I help my loved one with special needs?

A learning disability isn't an invincible health condition. Teach your child or loved one to deal with their challenges. Offer plenty of motivation, emotional, and moral support to improve your loved one's performance in day-to-day functioning. Make sure to enroll the individual with special needs in learning disability programs, and therapies to help them attain a better quality of life.

Call or visit our treatment center for special needs in Monsey for more details on how we help children and adults with disability excel and prosper. At HCS, we focus on nurturing each individual's creativity and skillset so that they can live independently with self-respect.

Special Needs Monsey
Special Needs Monsey
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