Special Needs Kings County

Special Needs Kings County

HCS is a community for children and adults with special needs in Kings County. We offer comprehensive programs to engage, educate, and improve the quality of lives of those with unique developmental needs.

What are the treatment options for a developmental disability?

Once you have a clearcut diagnosis for your child or family member relating to a special need; make sure to equip them with necessary tools for their survival. Enroll them for special therapies and specialized treatment programs at reputed treatment centers to help them deal with their condition. Depending on the unique developmental needs of your loved one, some of the treatment options include:

  • Speech and Occupational therapy
  • Experiential and behavioral therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Life and social skills training
  • Medication
  • Special diets, etc.

The primary goal of treatment is to reduce the symptoms of the developmental disability and to improve an individual's quality of life. During treatment, we equip our patients with essential social, communication, and life skills to help them live a self-sufficient life.

Types of learning disabilities

Adults and children that face issues in receiving and processing information are said to have a learning disability. Problems with reading, writing, math, and understanding directions are some of the common concerns in those with this condition. Some of the types of learning disability include:

  • Dyspraxia - This condition affects a person's motor skills. A person with dyspraxia may have trouble with coordination of their limbs and may bump into things or have difficulty in holding things, etc. Children with dyspraxia also suffer from poor writing, problems in speech and sensitivity to light, taste, or touch.
  • Dyslexia - Individuals with this condition face difficulties in processing language, reading, and writing. These individuals face difficulty in expressing themselves verbally and maintaining conversations.
  • Dysgraphia - Dysgraphia is a condition that affects an individual's ability to write. Symptoms include trouble with spelling, poor handwriting, and difficulty in translating thoughts to paper.

Dyscalculia, auditory processing disorder, and visual processing disorder are some of the other types of learning disabilities. At our center for special needs in Kings County, we offer specialized education training and respite programs for children and adults with learning disabilities.

What is a degenerative disease?

A degenerative disease is a condition where tissue or organ deteriorates over time. Degenerative diseases worsen with aging and are of three types; the cardiovascular, nervous system, and neoplastic. Of the three categories, cardiovascular and neoplastic diseases are curable with medical care. Conditions linked to the nervous system like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease do not have a cure.

Degenerative diseases of the nervous system can be managed through therapies and special respite programs to help patients overcome the challenges of their condition. Difference between a developmental delay and a developmental disability.

Call HCS today, one of the best habilitation center for children and adults with special needs in Kings County. We work cohesively as a team to bring out the best in each specially-abled child and equip them to use it to their fullest potential.

Special Needs Kings County
Special Needs Kings County
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