Special Needs Flatbush

Special Needs Flatbush

Human Care Services For Families and Children, Inc. or HCS is a high-end institution dealing with special needs in Flatbush. Our essential aim is to provide individualized services and support to families with individuals suffering from developmental disabilities. Our HCS family has touched thousands of lives.

What special needs category we target?

Our chief concern is the developmental disabilities of individuals. These disabilities appear in various forms, mainly down syndrome, autism, dyslexia, and processing disorders.

Families need to detect the symptoms at an early age to be able to address them adequately. Each disability requires special care and close supervision. This is where our team intervenes to put hand in hand with these families to help them cope, and educate them about how to interact with the special needs individuals. This joint effort will guarantee better growth and self-development of these individuals.

What assistance do we provide to families?

Families usually find it hard to deal effectively with their disabled child, and this is where our cadre of professionals steps in. We do not only guide special needs children to find their way in life, but also assist their families in understanding how to cope with their disabilities. For this journey to flourish, our specialists established individualized programs that vary between:

  • Residential programs
  • Community habilitation
  • Day habilitation
  • Respite
  • Camp respite
  • Assistive technology E-modes
  • Self-direction
  • Rent assistance
  • Family support services Reimbursement

In addition, we constantly organize events to both entertain and educate, including Shabbatons, parties, and concerts. Our main site provides further detailed information about these programs and events.

Individualized Education Programs

We believe that each individual is special, and requires specific observation which suits their own needs. Our expert teachers provide individualized education programs divided into three categories:

  • Yeshiva Ohr Hayashor: a 10-month person-centered school program, targeting boys of 12 and above with behavioral and learning challenges.
  • Chaburas Ohr Habahir: a serious learning and personal-development program aimed at boys of 16 and above. It also contains extra-curricular activities to encourage group interaction.
  • Machon Lev Seminary: a program which provides enriching classes for mainstreamed, high-school graduate women to help them continue to grow and learn life skills in a fun way.

Our uniqueness and professionalism

We assure every parent that their child will be in good hands. We treat our children in the best of ways -with care, love, understanding, and support. This is the core of our organization. The two decades of experience in special needs in Flatbush, along with the professionalism of our staff, make us the perfect choice for parents.

Our family believes that special needs individuals are real people with real lives. They only need proper guidance to learn how to get productive and become active members of their society. They have the right to prosper and carry healthy lives with independence, dignity, and respect. You can join them on their unique journey and support the organization by making donations! HCS pure love, no labels!

Special Needs Flatbush
Special Needs Flatbush
1042 38th Street
Brooklyn NY 11219 US

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