Special Needs Brooklyn

Special Needs Brooklyn

At HCS, we offer comprehensive treatment and care programs for children and adult with special needs in Brooklyn. As caregivers, we understand how you may need time off for important errands which is why we offer excellent respite care at our treatment center.

What is respite care?

Respite care means substitute care for children and adults with special needs. A respite caregiver can take over your duties and responsibilities for a temporary period while you take a break. Respite care can range for a couple of hours or several days, depending on your need. Every primary caregiver resorts to respite care at some point for reasons like:

  • To be present at a doctor's appointment
  • Another child needs their time and attention
  • To catch a break and to restart fresh
  • Due to traveling plans

It can be highly challenging to offer 24/7 care for a loved one with special needs. As caregivers, we recommend that you take time for yourself to focus on health, relationships, etc. We offer the best respite care for children and adults with special needs in Brooklyn.

Treatment for Mental Retardation

Children with a lower IQ or mental retardation issue will most probably require life long counseling to help them deal with their disability. For infants and toddlers, there are several early intervention programs to treat the condition and alleviate the symptoms. At our treatment center, we have a team of clinical staff that will develop an Individualized Family Service Plan with the help of parents.

This plan offers an overview of your loved one's unique needs and treatment approaches that we intend to follow to create an impact on your child's condition. Some of the therapies that we offer for mental retardation include speech therapy, occupational therapy, family counseling, physical therapy, etc. The ultimate goal of all our treatments for IQ disabilities is to help children and adults with special needs to learn, adapt, and understand essential concepts in social skills, life skills, and communication.

How is intellectual disability diagnosed?

When we examine a child for IQ disabilities, we look for physical abnormalities such as genetic and metabolic disorders. We run a couple of tests to diagnose the severity of the condition and the unique needs of the child. We look for structural problems and evidence of seizures in a child's brain through imaging tests and an electroencephalogram.

Furthermore, if the child has developmental delays, our pediatricians will perform additional specific tests. The purpose is to check if there are other issues at play, like hearing problems and neurological disorders. Overall, our diagnosis for special needs involves three stages; interviews with parents, an examination of the child, and tests to check intelligence and adaptive behaviors. We conclude a child as intellectually disabled only if the child lacks in both IQ and adaptive behaviors.

For more details on our respite care and other treatment programs, get in touch with our team at HCS today. We are one of the best treatment centers for special needs in Brooklyn with futuristic amenities.

Special Needs Brooklyn
Special Needs Brooklyn
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