Services For Children With Autism Brooklyn

Services For Children With Autism Brooklyn

Autism is a disease with many nuances. Navigating the maze of services and resources is beyond challenging. HCS is available to help. We offer assistance and services for children with autism in Brooklyn. We can help you navigate the labyrinth of services and design a plan that works for your child.

What is autism?

Autism is a spectrum disorder that affects children and adults. The disorder affects speech patterns, mobility, social skills, and non-verbal behaviors. Autism is called a spectrum disorder because of how it presents, and its level of severity vary so wildly. Some children and adults with autism can still function in school and society, with only slight modifications. Other children and adults have severe effects from the disorder and require constant care and significant modifications.

Scientists have not pinpointed one exact cause for autism. Genetics and environmental factors can contribute to the disorder. Research shows that autism runs in families. If one member of a family has autism, the risk is high that someone else in the family will have autism as well. Environmental factors such as increased age of the mother and premature babies are at high risk for autism as well. Vaccines falsely are linked to autism. Research proved this was not correct, and the doctor promoting this false theory lost his medical license.

Treatments for autism

Treatments for autism vary as much as the disorder itself. The style and level of one's treatment correspond to the severity of their autism. Here are some common treatments for an individual with autism:

  • Behavioral therapies - just like the disorder itself, this category within this disorder varies wildly. Some children only misbehave when they are hungry or tired, and they struggle to communicate it. For others, it's hard to tell what their trigger is, and they erupt in public with no rhyme or reason. Behavioralists work with the child and create a plan to minimize outbursts, discover the triggers, and teach the child coping mechanisms.
  • Medical treatments - autism doesn't just affect behavior; it can affect a person internally as well. It is not uncommon for patients with autism to also have GI issues, epilepsy, seizures, and many other medical conditions that all link to their autism.
  • Occupational therapy - this therapy helps children via the use of play therapy and other learning strategies. OT also covers children experiencing sensory issues associated with their autism.

Our services for children with autism in Brooklyn cover these categories and many more.

Can you cure autism?

No, at this current time, autism has no cure. Treatments and therapies are effective in managing the condition, but they do not cure the condition. And since this is a spectrum disorder, not every therapy works for every individual. There is significant trial-and-error in autism therapies. Some respond to dietary changes, while others need medication. There is no way to find one treatment that works for all patients. Scientists, doctors, and therapists hope that something they try brings the patient a level of relief.

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Services For Children With Autism Brooklyn
Services For Children With Autism Brooklyn
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