Jewish Opwdd

Jewish Opwdd

HCS is the largest Jewish OPWDD agency in the New York area. We have helped thousands of families over two decades improve their lives and the lives of their loved ones with special needs.

At HCS, we are committed to supporting those with developmental disabilities at home and in the community to grow and learn skills that facilitate independence. This empowers families to remain together and individuals to thrive. We strongly believe in partnering with the Jewish individual with developmental disabilities and their family members to fully understand available service options for within a Jewish OPWDD agency and those that best fit the individual's needs.


The Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) is a New York state agency that oversees and funds most of the services that support people with developmental disabilities in New York State. The office also conducts research into the causes and prevention of disabilities. Children and adults with IEP classifications of Multiple Disabilities (MD), Autism, or Intellectual Disability (ID) qualify for OPWDD services. This post is for parents seeking OPWDD services for their child.

Eligibility for OPWDD

People who have developmental disabilities can apply for Office for People with Developmental Disabilities services and supports. The qualifying conditions include autism, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, neurological impairment (malfunction, injury, or disease involving the central nervous system), and intellectual disability. These services and supports are meant to provide help throughout the life of the individual with the highest level of needs for supports.

Anyone that wants this support or services has the right to an individual eligibility review. This will determine whether he/she has a condition that qualifies for supports or services from OPWDD.

Front Door initiative

Office for People with Developmental Disabilities has reformed how they offer supports and services in order to promote greater choices and awareness for individuals and families, with emphasis on employment, self-direction, and community integration.

The initiative builds on the idea of individual-centered planning, and the understanding that people with developmental disabilities have the right to enjoy and have fun with others in their lives, fully participate in their communities, and experience personal growth. The critical components of the Front Door initiative include service authorization, identification of service needs, implementation, eligibility determination, and assessment.

What is Self-Direction

This allows parents to be entirely in charge of their kid's plan. With Self-Direction, you will no longer need the service of a care coordinator. Instead, you will be given a budget based on your kid's needs by OPWDD. Then, you must find and pay people that offer the services your child needs. However, keep in mind that you cannot just require Self-Direction. Before enrolling in Self-Direction, a parent must first work with a care coordinator and then attend a mandatory Self-Direction training session.

What are developmental disabilities?

These are special conditions that may occur anytime from birth, up until the age of 22. These disabilities are different from developmental delays where an individual lag in one or more areas of skill or growth. With an early intervention service and special help, developmental delays can be reduced. But with developmental disabilities, a kid may develop more slowly all long, or have trouble growing and learning like other kids in general, or have physical limitations and difficulties.

Need more help and information? Get in touch with HCS today. The largest Jewish OPWDD agency in New York.

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