If you need services or support with your child's behavior or programs for an adult in your care, HCS is where you need to start your journey. We offer several programs for those individuals with special needs.

What Type Of Services Do We Offer?

Residential Programs:

HCS operates more than twelve residences where residents receive 24-hour care. IRA (Individual Residential Alternatives) are supervised by HCS's Direct Support Professionals.

We also offer care and support for individuals that are higher functioning, and we are there to assist them with household tasks or personal care.

Community Habilitation:

Our specialists help create goals that will improve the quality of life of our clients. We want clients to be engaged and involved in activities that will enrich their lives and give them goals.

Day Habilitation Programs:

Adult Clients learn life skills that help them with independence and self-respect. There are several recreational activities available in a safe, nurturing environment. Activities include teaching programs, social events, interactive educational activities, meals, and more.

Respite Care:

Our home and community-based respite care programs offer parents assistance in caring for their children. We can help reduce the burden by stepping in and supporting parents. Our professionals will work one on one to help the client improve social and personal skills.

Camp Respite:

We work directly with summer programs and families and help get clients into affordable summer programs. We can help make sure summer programs are suited to the needs of our clients and offer them a way to broaden their experiences positively.

Assistive Technology E-Mods:

We can help provide several necessary modifications for our clients to make sure their home is safe, accessible, and comfortable.

Handicap Accessible Showers (roll-in)




Wall Reinforcements

Window Protection

Assistive Technology:

Adaptive Aids

Auditory Aids

Augmentative Communication Devices

Self Direction:

We work with individuals and families and tell them what services they are eligible for and help them get the combination that will work for their unique situation. Everyone has different needs, and it essential they understand all of the offerings and what services they want and will receive.

Rent Assistance:

Our program, known as Individual Support Services (ISS), is for high functioning adults that can live on their own. We can help provide rental assistance so that they can maintain their dignity. Our specialists work with residents and help them develop the skills they need.

Family Support Services Reimbursement:

We can help families that have children with developmental disabilities by providing educational training, respite programs, financial reimbursements, and more. Just knowing there is someone to help can relive a significant burden from a family.

Behavior Management Services:

HCS also has licensed clinicians that can help families managing their child's behavior. We can help you gain the tools and techniques required to promote positive behavior.

Employment Services:

We can help prepare adults for employment that would otherwise have a difficult time obtaining and keeping jobs.

What Is Special About HCS?

HCS is widely recognized for the contributions to our community. Without their commitment to helping those most vulnerable families and individuals would go with critical programs. To see how you can help, contact HCS today. Get involved in your community.

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