Agency For Special Children Brooklyn

Agency For Special Children Brooklyn

HCS is an agency for special children in Brooklyn. We function with the sole purpose of bettering the lives of children with unique developmental needs.

What is a child rehabilitation center?

A child rehabilitation center is a residential facility that offers specialized treatments and medical care for sick and disabled children. Children in rehabilitation centers get 24 hours of care from a team of skilled doctors and nurses. Furthermore, these children undergo therapy and physical rehabilitation regularly to reduce symptoms and get better.

These rehab centers cater to children with cognitive, motor, behavioral, vision, hearing, and speech disabilities. Most disabilities require long term treatment in the form of therapy, medications and other medical care. Do you have a special child who needs extra care? At our agency for special children in Brooklyn, we offer a wide array of evidence-based treatment programs to address the unique needs of each child.

What are motor disabilities?

Motor disabilities include issues in walking or lack of function in arms or hands. In some cases, individuals with motor disabilities may also suffer from issues in speech and swallowing. This type of disability can be diagnosed early in life during infancy or childhood. Cerebral palsy is one of the most common motor disability and occurs as a result of damage to motor tracts in the brain.

Conditions like poliomyelitis, spinal cord injuries, spinal muscular atrophies, etc. often leads to paralysis in patients. Physical disability is a permanent condition that generally lasts a lifetime. To make things worse, individuals with cerebral palsy also suffer from problems like mental retardation, epilepsy, language, and learning disorders. Similarly, patients with muscular dystrophy often suffer from cognitive disabilities. Most patients with physical disabilities often undergo treatment for mental and cognitive disabilities along with treatment for their physical impairment.

Treatment for Autism

Autism is a permanent condition that lasts a lifetime. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment approach for children with Autism. However, with early intervention, the symptoms of the condition can be reduced, and autistic individuals can enjoy a better quality of life. Certain therapies can help in maximizing an individual's ability to normal learning and development. Early intervention during preschool and childhood years is crucial to foster critical social, behavioral, and communication skills in children with this condition.

Occupational therapy and speech therapy improve the difficulties that autistic children face in language expression and social, and behavioral arenas. Furthermore, these therapies equip children with essential skills to tackle social situations and communicate with people around them in a better manner. Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is yet another treatment approach used to treat children with autism. This technique uses a reward-based motivation system to impart essential skills in children and to make them apply such skills in social situations.

HCS is an agency for special children in Brooklyn that offers custom-tailored programs to address the unique developmental needs of children. We offer residential and community habilitation programs to help your child enjoy a better quality of life. Call us today for details.

Agency For Special Children Brooklyn
Agency For Special Children Brooklyn
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