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Group Homes For The Intellectually And Developmentally Disabled

Each of our Stonebrook group homes for the intellectually and developmentally disabled feels like a real home. Our residents are encouraged to participate in the decoration of their bedroom, and the shared spaces are friendly and inviting. Stonebrook really cares about our residents, and our love shows in everything we do.

Our group homes for the intellectually and developmentally disabled feel like real homes because they are real homes. Stonebrook owns and operates seven co-ed and one-gender group homes in Berkeley County, West Virginia. Each of our homes is clean and nicely outfitted with everything our residents need to feel comfortably at home. We encourage our clients to decorate their private or shared room in a manner that makes them feel nice and cozy. If your loved one is unable to customize their living quarters, you may do so on their behalf. We provide comfortable beds and bedding, but you are welcomed to bring things that are familiar to your adult child.

If your adult child has a diagnosis of I/DD and/or mental illness, serious behavior issues or seizure disorders, Stonebrook group homes for the intellectually and developmentally disabled may be the ideal living environment for them. We have been providing very nice private living facilities for developmentally and emotionally disabled adults for more than twenty five years, and we take pride in what we do. It was only a few decades ago that people with disabling mental conditions were left to the care of unhappy institutions. Thank goodness those days are long behind us all. Please don't fret about how you'll pay for your adult child's housing and costs. The West Virginia Waiver program can cover all of their housing and care costs. When you are ready to know more about Stonebrook group homes, give us a call.
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I don´t know what we would have done without HCS´s residential services. We were at a point when our daughter could no longer function properly at home and needed a place she could truly call home and be cared for the way she really needs. HCS is that home."