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Cremation Services Louisville Ky

Cremation Services Louisville Ky

Consider our caring, compassionate staff at Evans Monuments when planning cremation services in Louisville, KY. No single decision is right for every family when caring for the remains of a loved one after death. We’ll help you explore all of your options and select the right type of service- one that honors the beliefs of your family and meets your budget.

Why Consider Cremation Services?

It is only in the last ten years that cremation services have surpassed traditional burials in the US, with a growing number of families choosing cremation as the most affordable, reasonable option for handling their loved one’s remains. Before you make a decision that cannot be reversed, consider the many benefits of cremation:

  • Compare the affordable costs of cremation services in Louisville, KY with the costs of a traditional funeral, and you’ll quickly see why so many families are looking at cremation with new interest. It’s not just the cost of the funeral service that results in family members taking on a substantial financial burden after a loved one’s death- add in the cemetery plot and all of the associated costs that come with a burial, and you’ll see up to 90% savings by cremation.
  • More and more people are looking for environmentally-green options and new ways to reduce their carbon footprint. As the earth’s population continues to grow, cremation is viewed as a responsible way to avoid taking up more space than is necessary. Consider a cremation urn and a smaller urn plot as one way to contribute to the trending movement to free up US land.
  • Experience an easier memorial service from start to finish by choosing cremation over burial. A simple cremation eliminates the need to select a casket, plot, vault, and other burial items and also reduces the need to involve family members in the arrangements. Evans Monuments can offer your family a tasteful memorial service that honors the memory of your loved one.

Numerous Options Available With Cremation

Cremation does not lock you in to any particular type of memorial or service; it simply gives your family peace of mind that your loved one’s remains have been taken care of in a respectful manner. Along with the cremation, you’re free to plan any type of memorial service that suits your taste or fits your budget. We can assist you in preparing a beautiful service that allows your family and friends the opportunity to pay their respects and begin the grieving process.

A Final Resting Place

Your family may choose the resting place for your loved one’s ashes, whether that place is an honored spot in your home, through the permitted scattering of their ashes, or in a cemetery plot. Call Evans Monuments for additional options for cremation services in Louisville, KY, professional advice, and assistance throughout the entire process. We are here for your family during this most difficult time, offering comfort, financial planning, and numerous options for honoring the memory of someone you love.

Cremation Services Louisville Ky
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Cremation Services Louisville Ky
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